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LED displays

Our LED screens are widely used in commercial advertising, advertising billboards, sports venues, sporting events, transport, schools, railway stations, meters, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, real estate market, corporate management and other public service locations.

What are the advantages of LED displays:

LED displays are the perfect combination of LED display technology with video processing technology. Compared to traditional methods (static or rotating displays) they offer very significant advantages.


Human eyes are more responsive to dynamics, so advertising on LED panels is easier to attract the attention of the general public, and also so that customers who want to sell ads on their screens can get bigger returns and faster.

of the contents

The content summing up on our LED screens can be stored in our CMS (Content Management System) service, with backoffice management and content creation.

High brightness and wide viewing angle (about 160 degrees vertical and horizontal)

You also have the possibility to adjust the brightness automatically, through intelligent sensors. In this way, we can get perfect images and no longer have light pollution, keeping our screens in perfect harmony with the spaces in which they are inserted.


Our LED displays, under normal conditions of use, can operate uninterruptedly for up to 100,000 hours or about 12 years. There is nothing to compare with this strength and durability.

Easy installation thanks
to modular manufacturing

Our LED displays are made of lightweight materials and adjusted to each type of product, and it is possible to adapt our solutions to virtually all installation scenarios, and create screens of all sizes and typologies.


If we don’t have the solution you need in our catalog, we’ll make the screen as you want.

Indoor Display

Indoor LED screens are divided into solutions for fixed installation or rental (removable). This means that fixed solutions are indicated for the most diverse types of events, whether corporate, congresses, social events, advertising screens or information screens, and can also be part of the decoration of a stand or even of the company itself.

Outdoor Display

Outdoor LED screens are divided into solutions for fixed or rental (removable) installation. Thus, fixed solutions are normally used in advertising screens, billboards, building facades, building tops, solutions for sports venues, among others. The rental solutions (removable) are normally used in shows, as they were specially designed and include devices to be easily assembled and disassembled, with a different type and size screen being able to be created in each show. We have a wide range of outdoor screens capable of withstanding the most difficult weather conditions, such as strong wind, very cold and/or very hot, among others.

Indoor Display

LED displays

Outdoor Display

LED displays
LED displays
LED displays